Gift Voucher Websites

Results Snapshot

Over 70% of Sofitel hotels
in Australasia have an OmniHyper®
Ecommerce Gift Voucher website

Average Voucher Sales
$54,825.33 per month

01 July 2021 – 31 December 2021

Objectives & Goals

OmniHyper® Mobile First Gift Voucher Websites are a cost-effective solution so your property can advertise and process gift vouchers for the following areas;

  • Hotel (goods / services / packages / resort / hotel credit)
  • Day Spa (treatments / packages / spa credit)
  • Restaurant(s) (goods and services / restaurant credit)


  • Easy way to receive money now for goods and services to be used at a later date
  • 60% of all gift vouchers are never actually claimed (current case with all properties overall)
  • Website is Mobile First, designed for ultimate user experience and conversion, so you can sell more vouchers
  • Online has a greater uptake and conversion and has a 24/7 shop front, versus having to phone or email. Credit card details over email also raises security concerns
  • Online eliminates internal staff time, postage and handling

All Included Package

  • Complimentary Setup

    Includes Mobile First website build and testing

  • Fulfilment

    Launched live to the web

  • Service & Support

    Includes full project management, service and support

  • Complimentary Training

    Includes online / in person training

Only Pay When You Sell

Gift Voucher Payment Process

Gift vouchers are paid directly into your nominated bank account.
Transaction time frame is the same as if a customer were paying with a credit card in your hotel.

Ready when you are.

Drive immediate revenue to your hotel.

Gift Voucher Website FAQ

  • Assuming the payment made is full voucher price less the merchant fee?

  • Can I update the website myself?

    Yes, you can add new vouchers, edit existing vouchers, and remove vouchers, without talking to us.
  • Can we customise the voucher design more?

    Yes, there may be additional costs involved depending on the scale of customisation you require.
  • How are gift vouchers redeemed?

    Staff would be introduced to the backend website portal to check and process redemption. It is very easy and can be used anywhere you have access to the internet – there is no requirement for software of any sort to be installed.
  • How are the vouchers sent?

    The vouchers are automatically sent via email with a PDF gift voucher attached. The user purchasing the gift voucher can email it to the giftee direct from the website, or they can email it to themselves.
  • How does it work with my current microsite/individual property website?

    You can simply add a new “Gift Vouchers” item to the menu of your microsite and link it to your new gift voucher website. The gift voucher website is designed to look at feel like your current microsite, as to not confuse users and generate best conversion. You can also add banners and links on pages throughout your website, such as your restaurant and spa pages, to further encourage purchases.
  • How does the finance department reconcile these transactions?

    The website automatically emails; Daily Summary This email will list all vouchers sold the previous day (refer visual). Monthly Summary This email will list;
    • Total monthly voucher sales and value
    • Total monthly voucher redemptions and value
    • Total number of vouchers that have expired along with their value
    Quite a lot of detail is provided in this email (refer example), to make the finance departments life easy. You can change who receives these emails/has access at any time.
    • Real Time Reports Your team will be provided training on how to pull real time reports from the back end of the website.
  • Is the payment made after each transaction or pooled together monthly?

    If there were 10 separate vouchers/transactions sold in one day, then that would be 10 payments (not 1) on that day.
  • Is there any reporting?

    Yes, the backend system has reporting, where you select date ranges and other details to run reports and much more.
  • What are the merchant fees?

    We typically use Stripe who will charge 1.75% plus an additional 30 cents per transaction for domestic orders. International cards are 2.9% plus an additional 30 cents per transaction. There is a 2% fee if currency conversion is required.
  • What do the gift vouchers look like?

    We have templates setup for each brand, two examples are pictured.
  • What is the timeframe between the transaction being made online and payment being made to the hotel?

    This is down to how fast banks process the transaction. It will be the same time frame as if a customer were paying with a credit card in your hotel.
  • What is your support like?

    Our staff are based locally in Australia and New Zealand only. We typically respond to emails within 2/3 hours latest and are also available by phone anytime.
  • Where does the money go?

    Directly into your bank account.

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All Testimonials


Carla Jordan

Marketing Manager, Perth, Western Australia Australia
To date I’ve worked with OmniHyper to build two hotel e-commerce gift voucher websites – and will soon be embarking on a third! These websites are not just a fantastic additional revenue stream for our hotels, they also streamline efficiencies in our business for both our busy guest-facing team members on the ground and our finance departments. And of course making the purchasing process simpler and far more secure for our guests has seen revenue from gift voucher sales increase exponentially. The only feedback I have had from our hotel teams is that they wish they had switched to an online solution sooner!
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Christian Carminati

Executive Assistant Manager, Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara Malaysia
We have had the pleasure of utilising HyperGift's e-voucher platform for our hotel's gift vouchers, dining gift vouchers, spa gift vouchers, and room stay package offerings. The results have been astounding, as we have seen a significant increase in revenue while simultaneously decreasing the time it takes to handle and redeem gift vouchers internally. Thanks to HyperGift's seamless connection between our Hotel microsite and their Gift Voucher website, our brand consistency is maintained, providing an exceptional user experience for our guests and it is user friendly as well. What's more, the solution is both luxurious and high-end, in line with our Sofitel brand, allowing us to fully customise each voucher to our specific needs. We have found the HyperGift team to be service-oriented, providing us with great support and expertise. We highly recommend them to any hotel or business looking to elevate their e-gift voucher sales - online sales.
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Tricia Cornelius

Regional Director of Sales & Marketing, Queensland & Northern Territory Australia
100% support this partnership, my only clear advice is to understand what OmniHyper will do for the business, you will not see the result as an instant fix, it takes up to 6 months to deliver on Google, it is a very complex back engine partnership, and the results in the world of sales are not tangible and it is hard to define the ROI in the first 6 months. Google takes patience and time as Google does not want you to be on Page one in an organic space without paying for it, and patience is something we in hotels do not have a lot off. Understand what the long-term goal is and work with OmniHyper collectively and you will get your ROI in redirecting direct business from 3rd party channels, also really good for MICE opportunity. For me as your aware, this is a no brainer and something I am much defined about, we have 8 hotels in the region working in this partnership and we do see the results come through. Over to you, Warm Regards Tricia.
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